It's a blessing to be able to live in a tropical climate, monsoon season and all. Do I wish I could put on a winter jacket and knee high boot occasionally? Yes! But that's what year end holidays are for. Because for the most part, I'm grateful my face will not be subjected to harsh cold weather.

However, that doesn't mean our climate is any gentle to us. It is constantly hot and humid with intense sunlight during the dry season followed by excessive rainfall during the wet season. The change in temperature itself is bound to affect our skin, not including the effect of daily pollution in the city.

That's why I protect my skin not just with topical products, but most importantly with what I consume everyday day. Eating the right food is just as crucial, if not more, than the skin care regime you follow. Do I take food supplement? Of course, since it's my very own product. But it's not the usual handful of pills to swallow. This is because I still prefer to eat highly nutritious food and drink the required amount of water I need, to keep skin healthy and hydrated from the inside.

There are many tips and fads around on what you need to do to get good skin. My favourite is still having green juice in the morning (for powerful antioxidant and micronutrients) and also adding lemon or cucumber to water (to flush toxin and neutralise skin) if not just for the taste.

Since I've been taking care of my health rather well, I do allow myself the occasional cheat days for a really good cheesy burger or when I just feel like having salted peanut butter and double choc chip cookies!

But for those still battling with skin issues, I do hope you're already cutting down on dairy (for serious acne problem). Please also for the time being, forgo sugar or anything with processed sugar (as it disrupts hormonal balance and aggravates acne).

But even if your condition isn't serious, we ladies still need all the help we can get. That's why I'm serious about preventive measures. Besides food supplement, you can also try consuming the omega 3-6-9 oil (for anti ageing) and perhaps consider taking probiotic (improve digestion and carries out toxin from body). Maybe monitoring caffeine intake (as it can be dehydrating) is a good idea too.

After all that and taking care of my skin from the inside, I use Avenys Organic Cream to protect my skin from the outside elements. Its luxurious texture glides easily and does not leave skin feeling oily, which is important in our warm weather. More so, it prepares skin for optimal hydration and calms irritated skin with inflammatory ingredients.

Give it a try it ladies! Especially for those looking for acne and oil control cream. With the combination of good food and Avenys, I promise you your skin will not be disappointed <3


p/s: I would love to tell you more about Supermodel Glow, the food supplement I founded that does amazing things. But that would have to wait another time. Keep a look out for a new post about it soon!

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