10 Things Women with Gorgeous Skin Always Do - Skin Care - Beauty Tips


Its a well known fact that most ladies need clear and brilliant skin. 
In all actuality ladies with exquisite skin aren’t simply fortunate, they work at it. Don’t you just have to ask what she’s been doing? Here are 10 natural skincare  tips to help get that flawless skin you’re craving, no matter your skin type or what the current season is. 


1. They never go to bed without washing their face.

Going to bed with makeup on will leave you with clogged pores. When the pores are clogged, your skin gets bumpy. If you are acne-prone, it can even lead to breakouts. Even if you're super tired, wash your face before heading to bed — your skin will definitely thank you later.

 A quick way to clean off all your makeup residue, dirt and oil, after a long tiring day, is to use Express Makeup Remover from Avenys The wipes sweep away all pore-clogging impurities and leave your skin thoroughly cleansed, without the need to wash your face afterwards. This way, you can sleep without worry!


2. They stay hydrated from morning to night.


Inside and out is one of the keys to keeping your skin radiant. Did you know that those superficial fine lines you may be seeing are often caused by dehydration? Maintain a routine of drinking at least 8 cups of water daily. Even when they are busy in work they are always carrying a bottle of water with them. So drink up for gorgeous, fully hydrated, flake-free skin, and beautiful skin. 


3. They are diligent with their skincare routine.

No matter how tired or lazy they may be feeling, they always make sure to take care of the basics. For instance, those who have a 10-step routine may cut it down to three steps (cleanse, tone, and moisturize) on days when they're feeling way too tired. The bottom line here is that you always remember to at least cleanse your skin and to hydrate it after.

4. They use an antioxidant serum.

Did you know that UV light can still damage your skin even if you're wearing sunscreen ? But if you layer a serum containing antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, underneath your SPF, your skin is more likely repair the damage as it occurs, preventing the onset of brown spots and fine lines prematurely. Use Avenys Trubright Radiance Serum.

5. They change their pillowcase every three days .

There are many unexpected causes of breakouts, and your pillowcase could be one of them. The best way to ensure that your peaceful night's sleep doesn't wreak havoc on your skin is to wash your pillowcases often . . . probably a lot more often than you actually do. Residual makeup, bacteria, dirt, and oil can build up on your pillowcase, thus interfering with your freshly washed face when you hit the sheets. They work hard to get perfect skin, so don't let little things counteract the effort! Make double cleanse for your night routine, use Express Makeup Remover and Ultra Rich Refining  Cleanser from Avenys.

6. They avoid junk food.

Eating junk food will not only result in pimples but a loss of radiance and more noticeable lines. What we eat shows on our skin. Rightly said! The key to good skin, hair lies in the food choices we make. From the day you cut back on eating junk, you ill find you skin look and feel much better.

Instead, eat a well balanced diet full of non-processed, nutritionally dense foods (think green veggies, fresh fruit, yogurt, lean protein, plus nuts and seeds) to make sure you skin stays breakout-free, supple, and on point.

7. They use a face mask once a week.

They always remember to relax while putting their favorite mask. A mask that is either a homemade like using honey, yogurt… or they bought it, face mask helps get rid of sebum, unclogs pores, and get a clean and clear healthy, gorgeous skin.

8. They exfoliate at least 1-2 three days a week.

Exfoliating not only deeply cleans, but it accelerates cellular renewal, kick-starts collagen production, and preps the skin to better absorb products. They exfoliate it at least once or twice a week. Using either natural ingredients or a peeling product to scrub their faces and remove the dead skin to keep it smooth and shiny.

9. They workout.

 They work out several times a week, or at least once when they are super busy. Working out is their special way to preserve their beauty and youth. Get rid of poisons and improve their fitness, energy and have good night sleep and therefore a healthy beautiful and gorgeous skin. Another reward: Working up a sweat helps lower the stress hormone cortisol which is linked not only to skin aging but breakouts and clogged pores.

10. They know which skincare ingredients to avoid.


 I don’t deny that they do help in making you look good. But, just picking up a product without any research can be really difficult. So here are some ingredients skin care products that can cause hormonal disruptions or even cancer. So, whenever you are choosing a product, avoid picking products that have the following ingredients Sodium lauryl sulfate, Triclosan and triclocarban, BHA, Parabens, Polyethylene, Petroleum distillates, Propylene glycol, Hydroquinone, and Phthalates.